Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Silence and Solitude

Be glad there wasn't a gun around me last Friday. It may have been a permanent silence. I'm kidding of course...

For one of my classes this semester I had to do a solitude and silence retreat just outside of Chicago. It was about 12 hours, half of which I slept through. I'd never been silent so long. It was an interesting experience, but not one that I'll purposely seek after ever again. I did get some good photos, which I posted down below. The bottom two, the chair and massage bed, were in the room where I spent most of my day. It wasn't quite that dark, but I liked the effect the window gave them. And the blurry crucifix was just outside my room. I hope you enjoy.

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bendeaver said...


I like this picture a bunch. Hey, where are you staying at the Piper Conf.? With Philgreen? Talk to you soon hopefully...ben