Friday, March 9, 2007

Photo Friday

This is an old pic that I shot in Costa Rica while I was hanging out downtown.

My other hand is not making a peace sign. But this is a new photo.

All my flickr friends must excuse the redundancy of my photostream. I believe I've posted about 4 versions of this photo. Just trying stuff out. And I order some of my pictures for print from and they all came out great, so I recommend them to all.


Andy said...

Cool photos, man. When were you in Costa Rica? I lived there for 8 years... long time ago, though, long before I had a camera of my own. Pity.

I have a quick question for you. It's not a criticism; I genuinely want to know---for your "current read," why did you use the graphic from Eisenbrauns, but then point the link to Amazon?



Mark Grapengater said...

Hey Andy,

Thanks, man, I appreciate the words on the photos. I'm really trying to make them as excellent as I can.

I was in Costa Rica July 05 through July 06. I lead short term mission teams for Christ for the City International. I've been down there quite a few times and it always seems like I upgrade my photo equipment after I come back.

As for the current read graphic: I was looking for the cleanest graphic I could find, with the least amount of work. The Amazon graphic has white space around it and I think something else was screwy. So I found a graphic that was just the cover of the book, I think just through Google image search. I still linked it to Amazon, because that's where most people do their online shopping.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Grace and Peace,