Monday, April 14, 2008

Last Week's Highlights

A run down of the things I enjoyed last week:

  • A DTR that lasted a whole four minutes.
  • A chaplaincy consult that resembled Clevinger's Trial-- an excerpt from Catch-22.
  • Saturday's Lunch: Bacon Sausage and Duck Fat-Fries at Hot Doug's. Lest you be mistaken, dear reader, the word bacon modifies sausage. Oh, bring on the goodness.
  • Actually finding a research topic that NPU's Library had resources for.
  • New Running Shoes
And the lowlights?
  • The DTR that lasted only four minutes.
  • Not seeing my parents coming back from their cruise.
  • No one showing up to chapel Sunday morning at the hospital.
  • Missing Church, Sunday Brunch and small group.
  • Missing the Bon Iver Concert.


Andy said...

"Bacon" modifying sausage, I understand. But am I to understand that "duck fat" is modifying fries?

You're making me hungry.

Mark Grapengater said...

Think your regular pomme frites (french fries) fried up in duck fat.