Friday, May 2, 2008


It's the girl that you notice when you're in the airport, and just hope she's on the same flight as you. And then when she is, you just hope she sits next to you. And then when she does, you're not sure what to say! You borrow her National Geographic and she borrows your pen. And then finally when you find your [courage] to talk to her, the flights over, but you talk the whole taxi-ing to the terminal. She offers you gum. Gum. Then when she gets off the flight way ahead of you, she WAITS for you!!!

Did I get her number? Nope.

A last name? Nope.

Email? Nope.

Curly brown hair; brown eyes; half Columbian; sick tat; smiles alot; digs photography. Rather attractive. Rather. I said, "Rather."

Do I go to Rogers, AR to find her?


happychipmunk said...

okay - your photography is KILLING me! It is so good, Mark. Congrats on your talent! And as for Monica... she WAITED for you? check flights to AR NOW. :) does "sick tat" mean "beautiful tattoo?" where was it?

Mark Grapengater said...

Thanks, Johnna!

Yeah, I may be heading to Rogers, AR this weekend. The "sick tat" actually was a beautiful tattoo that ran from her shoulder to her forearm. (It wasn't a tramp stamp.)

kelly ann said...

you're so in love.