Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Church Website

A church without a website is a surprising thing. When I first got up to Chicago, I did my preliminary checks on churches in my area by getting on their websites. Some were better than others, but just that they had them gave me an idea of their existence.

All that to say, I just got on board with a church located near Midway in Chicago and they, er, we have no website. So my question goes out to all five of you reading this: What would you like to see in a church website? What would be your top five most desired elements? If you've created a church website before, what did you put into it? And finally, what should not be on a church website?


Lukester said...

first and foremost, get a nice spiffy picture of that new staff person they got named mark. something with a bit of chest hair showing.

chris ridgeway said...

Yeah. Maybe some J-Crew looks, and an Ad for Whole Foods.


Mark Grapengater said...

Thanks guys. You've been very helpful.

Jimmy said...

If it doesn't have flash, it ain't nothing.

That's not completely true, but doing it in flash would be sweet.

Take one of your killer artistic photos of the church and make it look awesome. Deception may be key (ironically...)

chris ridgeway said...

btw, seriously,I have lots of experience in the church website dept, so let me know if I cna helpful talking-wise.

But an even better tip: one of my good friends in California is a genius tech-creative guy, and one of his latest companies is a website design group for churches that actually 1) has great design (many don't), 2) allows for tons of control from non-technical users, and 3) is super cheap. $1000 for the entire thing.

worth checking out. If you decide to get it, you can mention I sent you, and see if gets you any extra stuff or something. :)