Saturday, October 18, 2008


If you're reading this in an RSS feeder, you may have to click through to hear the audio.

I thought I'd share with you some recent voicemails.

I called my grandpa the other day and he was calling me back. I like how he identifies which grandpa he is, so I don't have to guess.

This is an old one from my birthday, but I kept it because I loved it so much. I love my sister and am very thankful for her in my life.

Michael, or Jimmy. He actually guessed right.; it was the second one. I was at the Fleet Foxes concert and the opener was amazing in so many ways. He may have been on the Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack. I always leave Michael entertaining messages, and he never disappoints me either.


Amy said...

Um, now I'm officially never leaving a voicemail on your phone if you're going to post them :)

Mark Grapengater said...

Don't worry, your voicemails don't amuse me enough.

Jimmy said...

Wow - I'm basically famous. Had I known you could post voicemails, i would have had you post that RIDICULOUS happy birthday song you left for me the other day. I was rolling!