Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Put your back into it

I'm back in the States, and have been for about a month now. I was in Oklahoma for 3 weeks chillin' with my family, which was really refreshing. Able to relax and just hang out with no real things to have to do.

Then we put it in passing gear and loaded up two large GM products and headed north to Chi-town. Unloaded them and now the majority of my crap is here. I had a week to continue to unpack and get settled. Get back into the groove of Chicago, another adjustment that I had to go through. I was waiting for class to start up and working on some tunes for my ride-- 95 Chevy suburban. It's quite large for the big city, but it gets me around... usually.

Classes started on Monday and so far there great. I'm in Worship, Leadership and Empowering the Laity for Church Growth, Christian Eduaction and Formation in the Church, and Direction and Silence. Should be a great semester.

I'll be writing more later. Just wanted to put some updates up.