Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Silence and Solitude

Be glad there wasn't a gun around me last Friday. It may have been a permanent silence. I'm kidding of course...

For one of my classes this semester I had to do a solitude and silence retreat just outside of Chicago. It was about 12 hours, half of which I slept through. I'd never been silent so long. It was an interesting experience, but not one that I'll purposely seek after ever again. I did get some good photos, which I posted down below. The bottom two, the chair and massage bed, were in the room where I spent most of my day. It wasn't quite that dark, but I liked the effect the window gave them. And the blurry crucifix was just outside my room. I hope you enjoy.

The chapel was full of stained glass windows. My dad taught me to love stained glass, so I took some pictures remembering him... he's still alive. I don't want to sound morbid.  Posted by Picasa

This crucifix was in the main chapel. I threw on some effects and came up with this. Again, with the notion that we don't full grasp Christ's death on the cross. Posted by Picasa

Crucifix. I think we as Protestants often don't like seeing the Catholic Crucifix, but even when we do try to see it and dwell on Christ as sacrifice, it is hard for us to understand, or see clearly. Posted by Picasa

Massage table Posted by Picasa

Leather Chair under Window Posted by Picasa