Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Brown Rabbit

I uncapped my current homebrew- a personal recipe- which combines the toasty malts of a brown ale with the ever-present hoppiness of an IPA. It's alcohol content hovers somewhere around 9%. It's a big beer and I'm not sure it's completely ready for drinking quite yet.

I have two label designs that need an opinion behind them. One I did and the other, my design school friend, Chris, did. I won't say which is which. Just tell me which one you like better.


Unknown said...

I like the purple one

chris ridgeway said...

Well it's not hard to tell which one your design friend did. :)

And I think I like his.

But I'm lame like that.

Andy said...

Well... the first one is more "hip" but not necessarily what I'd go for in a beer. The second one, on the other hand, seems a bit staid.